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“Eddie is an awesome attorney and a great guy in general. I have worked with him on some tricky conservatorship cases, he knows his stuff for sure. If you need help with the estate planning, he’s the guy to go to.”

John Cooper

He is thorough, flexible, honest, and extremely knowledgeable! I highly recommend Mr. Burns to all, and will definitely refer him to my friends and family. Thank you Mr. Burns for an amazing job!!!”

Giulia Love

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The Singles Life Estate Plan

Did you know that if you're single, you have a plan already. Why? Because no plan IS a plan. Obviously, an active lifestyle includes more risk of harm. Even if you don't live an active lifestyle, your family should know how to help you when you need it. The benefits...

Married Couples Estate Planning

If you're married then you probably have heard about estate planning. There are a few major things that keep you up at night because you want to: 1) Ensure that your family is protected if one of you dies suddenly; 2) Eliminate the hassles and guesswork from your...

Families with Young Children

When you have young children you want to give them all the help you can before you're gone. But will your child know what to do 40 years from now when today she is only two years old? Your child might be the smartest in the class, but how well does he handle money?...

Divorced with Children

The divorce was was already hard enough on the kids. Now imagine how hard things get when tragedy strikes and you don't have a plan. If you're divorced, you want to eliminate hassles and guesswork and make life easier on whoever you leave behind. Benefits of planning...

Blended Families

Many families are a blend of "his, hers, and ours." The modern family has modern complexities that will cause problems later without planning today. You might have questions, such as: 1) If I die, how do I benefit my spouse without disinheriting my child? 2) Who...

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Edward Burns Estate Planner

Edward Burns

Estate Planning Attorney

Eddie was on the path to becoming a prosecutor, winning felony trials, but decided to help clients directly. With a large family and talent for getting to know people, estate planning is the perfect fit.