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A lawyer is an advocate. But to be an advocate, a lawyer should really understand you to tell a compelling story. They should be like a best friend – someone who gets you, calls you back when you need help, and knows what your goals are. I became a lawyer because I like to help people, work hard, do what’s right, and communicate really well. An estate plan is a story. I’d love to tell your story, but first, here’s a little bit about me.

I was a news paperboy when I was ten and kept that job for seven years. Waking up early for holiday delivery when other kids slept in taught me the value of hard work. It is that value that helped me find success with nothing more than a high school degree. It is also that value that got me to leave a successful career for college, where I attained my Bachelor’s at U.C. Berkeley and my J.D. at the University of Washington. I returned to California to be near family and friends and launch my career as a lawyer, serving the state I grew up in.

I’ve known my wife since 2nd grade. Thanks to her, I love country music, have two wonderful daughters, and a son on the way(!). We take trips to the snow and sun in Twain Harte, CA (Tuolumne County) and go to concerts as often as we can. At 15, I taught myself how to play guitar. Having attended four elementary schools, I learned to make friends with total strangers really easy. And, I love to cook and pride myself on making steak a perfect medium rare.

I am proud to have pulled myself up by my own bootstraps. I worked hard to put myself here to help my clients… And I can’t wait to hear your story.

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Meet Eddie

Edward Burns Estate Planner

Edward Burns

Estate Planning Attorney

Eddie was on the path to becoming a prosecutor, winning felony trials, but decided to help clients directly. With a large family and talent for getting to know people, estate planning is the perfect fit.