We recently got a phone call from someone with very bad news: her brother has terminal cancer. One question she asked was, “why go through a lawyer instead of an online service.” At the end of the free consultation they signed up with our office. Why? Because a computer program can’t take the place of real human to human interaction.

An online trust company can make a basic, cheap plan, but in many cases you can create a plan just as easily for free (see our blog on how to create a free will). Where online legal companies hide the cost is by minimizing how much you talk to a lawyer. Is that a good thing?

My client said he trusts his daughter to “do the right thing” and wanted to leave everything to her. It seemed odd to me that he would say that. Would a computer screen think that was odd?

I asked what he meant and discovered that he had complex needs. He had four children, wanted to disinherit two of them, and had a child that he wanted to benefit, but who was not ready for responsibility (this is very common). He wanted his daughter to give money to his son when he needed it. I explained that she wouldn’t have to give him a dime and if she were sued and lost everything, his son would suffer.

I explained that we can create a trust that would put his daughter in charge of her brother’s money – and require her to pay for his healthcare, support costs, and educational needs. Plus, we had his revocable trust ready for him to sign the next day. In fact, his trust was ready before he could sign it.

It is amazing how every client I have helped to create a revocable trust looked visibly relieved when we were done. We can create a trust online for you in a matter of hours and provide video consultations and mobile notary services to get your plan done now. With free consultations and discounts for essential workers, what are you waiting for?

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