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Where is My Inheritance?

Not all missing inheritances are stolen. Missing inheritances happen when communication breaks down. See our blog, Missing Trusts, for more information.

But some clues are hard to ignore. For example, did your parents die a year ago and the trustee is not sharing information? You thought there was a trust, but you haven’t seen anything. Should you be worried?

A missing inheritance is serious and can happen when you least expect it. We have helped our clients get their stolen inheritances back. The key is catching it early by hiring our experienced Rocklin, CA probate and estate planning law firm before it is too late. Your best chance of protecting your inheritance, money meant for your family, is for you to act immediately. We can get you answers but you have to call now.

How Stolen Inheritances Happen

A missing inheritance should be dealt with right away. Often a sibling got control of mom or dad’s property – usually just before or after death – and you find out too late that the money is gone. Sometimes inheritances are stolen long before a parent has died. Recently, an elderly client discovered that his daughter used her power of attorney to steal $300,000 from him and spent it all in just two months on shoes and lavish trips to the casino.

Fashion Shoes

A probate attorney can prevent your inheritance becoming your sister’s fashion shoes.

How Do I Know if I Get an Inheritance?

Not everyone gets an inheritance. Sometimes a parent will tell a child what they are getting only to give something else. If you are not in charge of your parents estate, how do you know for sure what you are supposed to get? How do you know you are NOT getting an inheritance when you brother or sister is running things? Simple. You are supposed to know.

When to Call a Probate Lawyer

If your brother or sister is in charge after your parent died and you didn’t receive an actual paper notice and copies of the will and trust, you should be alarmed. And if your sibling isn’t sharing information with you, that is when you should be most concerned! You have a right to information. But how do you get information when your calls are ignored? If it has been a year since your parent’s death and you have not received anything, it is time to call us for help now!

A Rocklin Probate Law Firm

As a Rocklin probate lawyer, I can find inheritances and help you get your inheritance back. We have a team of professionals to protect our clients and solve trust and estate problems. Our firm has the experience you need to recover a missing inheritance, but you must act right away.

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